June 09, 2004

Donald Potter, influential English sculptor, died at 102.

"A distinguished sculptor and teacher in his own right, he provided the intellectual link from Eric Gill to Habitat [Conran's, in the US]," writes Fiona McCarthy in the obituary for Guardian Unlimited.

In the 1930's and 40's, Potter was an understudy of Eric Gill, the English engraver, sculptor, typographer, communist and theological philosopher. Those of us today who use the modern desktop PC or Mac are intimate with the devotional labors of Eric Gill who in 1927 designed the timeless, exceedingly legible Gill Sans font.

Most of Gill's typographical work was done for the Monotype Typography company, which merged with AGFA in 1998.

Carvings and sculptures by Eric Gill are to be found at the BBC Headquarters, in the London Underground, at the Tate Gallery, at the University of Florida and other places. The work of Donald Potter -- particularly his large wood-carvings remarkably reminiscent of the organic work of Yorkshireman, Henry Moore -- are likewise found about England.


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