October 04, 2005

Sun & Google Turn Out Flaccid Announcement

The joint press release today by Sun & Google -- the anticipation of which sent MrSofty stock tumbling -- turned out to be just more marketing papp.

We were all getting ready to hear about "GoogleOffice" in which Google & Sun would team up to deliver StarOffice to paying enterprise and individual customers via the browser for something like $19.95 per year (individuals for $4.95 a year plus a manditory annual subscription to Jonathan Schwartz's blog feed; $7.95 without the feed).

[These are my numbers, and no one from either Google or Sun has ever discussed this idea with me.]

Despite the disappointing announcement -- something exciting about the Java Runtime Environment and the Google Toolbar -- we're still keen on GoogleOffice and feel it should be in the cards one fine day.


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