December 01, 2005

Vile Imitators...

...will curse the day they were born.

[Just kidding, Erwin.]

It does feel funny to stumble onto the same blog template once in a while; a bit like catching yourself in the mirror and not recognizing who it is...for better or worse.

Actually, the big news, I am working on a new blog template on TypePad behind the scenes and may create a bit of a global PR splash for its launch to maximally confuse the market at the time of the release of "Vista"...excuse me..."Mirage."

[I like Blogger a lot, but do badly miss the custom flexibility, permalinks, trackbacks & categories...since one day I will eventually move on from being a monotone fly in Microsoft's ointment to flourid commentary on York Football Club in the Isthmian League and other niches and expect to want to separate out like posts from other like.]


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