October 12, 2005

Grisanzio's Lessons Learned from OpenSolaris

Jim Grisanzio (Sun Microsystems) is Community Manager of the OpenSolaris project. By all measure of vibrations emanating from that project -- not just Jim's -- OpenSolaris is felt a significant success.

He blogs today a really interesting list of Lessons Learned, which should be required reading for any organization adopting open source and/or open standard tools as well as for developers and students.

Among my favorites...

7. Dump internal lists or make them public.

8. Transparency increases speed...

10. The conversation is the (Cluetrain) marketing.

13. Be prepared to lead.

...and many more.

It appears that Jim and others have taken on board the available lessons from Sun's 5 years running the OpenOffice.org project, as well as this last few years getting OpenSolaris aloft.

What do you think is the institutional knowledge value of these experiences? I would say it's measured in nine zeros.


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