October 21, 2005

OpenOffice2: Disruptive Innovation

We're building here on an earlier PlexNex post, "Sustaining v. Disruptive Innovation", in which we reviewed the old model from Clayton Christensen's Innovator's Dilemma.

OpenOffice2 and its OpenDocument file format are bonafide disruptive innovations. You can see where we are today in context of the Dilemma model, and you can see where we're going.

OpenOffice should ostensibly be improved and refined within the acceptable performance band and should prepare to be cannibalized eventually by a lighter-weight, modular, Internet-/PDA-/handheld- ready suite.

OpenDocument is the baby, OpenOffice the bathwater.


At 3:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could you please make a larger version of that diagram available... thanks!


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