October 20, 2005

OpenOffice2 Was Released Today

Feel free to download OpenOffice2 for any of the following platforms:

Mac OS X (10.2+)...I recommend getting "NeoOffice/J"

In addition to a new updated look & feel and improved functionality, OOo2 offers the open XML OASIS OpenDocument file format(s) as the native default format(s) for your text document, spreadsheets, presentations and other types of file creations.

I downloaded(from the Denmark mirror; all North American mirrors I tried were busy), installed and set up OOo2 on Windows XP in under 15 mins (RoadRunner NYC). The Windows installer is nicely streamlined and easier than the previous one; the splash screen looks&feels like the leather seats of a BMW 500 series (this is special to me because I drive an '87 VW); and it picked up some of my settings from the existing OOo1.9.xy on my system.

Congratulations to the team.


At 11:24 AM, Anonymous Solveig Haugland said...

I wanted to emphasize that the 2.0 release of OpenOffice.org, in addition to all the excellent additions like the database, is just great-looking. The look and feel has a nice, updated, slick, professional look. And it'll be far more familiar to Microsoft Office users, especially the Powerpoint equivalent Impress. Anyone trying to convince managers to switch to OpenOffice.org, and failing before, should try again with this version.

Speaking of FreeBSD and other less mainstream platforms, I did some OpenOffice.org training last fall for the OS/2 convention in Denver. OS/2 users are alive and well, and using OpenOffice.org.


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