October 13, 2005

FoxNews: Fair&Balanced on OpenDocument

Don Parris (on the OpenOffice Marketing List) and Bob Sutor (on his blog) sourced this one:

FoxNews.com just published some letters of response to the Microsoft Astroturf run a few weeks ago against OpenDocument. The letters of rebuttal cover most of the points thoroughly.
Editor's Note:

The column "Massachusetts Should Close Down OpenDocument" that appeared on FOXnews.com Sept. 28 identified author James Prendergast as executive director of Americans for Technology Leadership, but failed to disclose that Microsoft is a founding member of that organization.

ATL is a coalition of technology companies, professionals and organizations that advocates for limited government regulation of technology and for competitive market solutions to technology policy. In addition to Microsoft, ATL's founding members include Staples, Inc., CompUSA, Citizens Against Government Waste, CompTIA, Small Business Survival Committee, Clarity Consulting, Cityscape Filmworks, Association for Competitive Technology and 60Plus Association.

Mr. Prendergast's affiliation with Microsoft should have been stated clearly in the article.
My friend, Tom Adelstein, Editor-in-Chief at LXer.com, was among the first to point out Pendergast's compromising position.


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