October 13, 2005

Troll Groks-Not the Elegance of OpenDocument

Simon del.icio.us ly points out that Dave Winer hates OpenDocument. Cool!

Dave whines about the foolishness of starting another format when the real companies -- Yahoo & Google -- are on to smarter things. Dave misses the point.

OpenDocument, as Gary Edwards has been saying, is about the Internet: it's not as much about unhinging Microsoft's monopoly lever (though it does that handily) but about open XML tags connecting documents and elements of text (and other stuff) in documents just like Web pages and elements in Web pages are now connected.

Having common documents thus connected -- and the documents and tools that create them not governed by a private entity -- opens whole new planes of linkages and value-creation upon the innerspace of the desktop as well as the outerspace of the Internet. (Similarly, Google's desktop search is under-appreciated for its implications for unifying the inner- and outer-; the analogy does not suck.)

Winer's a masochistic ninny.


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