November 22, 2005

New Blood for OpenDocument


Writely, the new Web-based word-processing program that accommodates document collaboration over the Internet, now supports OpenDocument as well as the MS Office formats.

This Wiki-esque development, along with the sense we have of Google creeping silently into this passion-play, should be a boon to users who revile the traditional office suite redlining features (called "Tracking Changes") and even those stumped by OpenOffice/StarOffice's elegant but arcane Templates-cum-Version-Control features.

WikiCalc 0.1

While we're talking about the Web-ification of the office suite tool-set, in a conversation I had with Dan Bricklin last week -- about his Web-based publishing-tool-in-a-spreadsheet-metaphor, called WikiCalc (which I am Alpha testing now) -- Dan mentioned as much that WikiCalc's outputting to the OpenDocument format for spreadsheets was a no-brainer -- not that it's easy, necessarily, but that it is an obvious thing to do.

The more, the merrier.

Can you say, "b.r.o.w.s.e.r"?


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