November 07, 2005

Politics & the Perversion of Standards

Another keeper from David Berlind, this is a selective transcription of the Massachusetts Senate hearing last Monday (Halloween, one week ago today, October 31, 2005). The annotated commentary from DB is edifying.

I remember when David was willing to give Microsoft the benefit of the doubt but you can tell he's really mad now because the language and logic of Marc Pacheco betray his meritless agenda against competition, choice and innovation as he drives forward the stall machine on OpenDocument.

Playwrite Michael Frayne (Copenhagen, Democracy) once said that he learned a lot from the work he did translating Chekhov (that plot is everything).

One way to map the mind of a man is through transcribing several hours of his inaudible conversation. Surely the transcription gives David (now us) a unique grasp of the Pacheco synaptic landscape and the circumstantial (dis)connectons which betray a knowledgable, cynical coach hiding in the wings talking into a wire.


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