November 22, 2005

Disinformation & Doublespeak

In light of Microsoft's big public relations push behind its new CLOSED "Open XML" file format and the ECMA play, it may be a good time to review the principals of Disinformation and Doublespeak.

This may give loyal readers something meaty for bedside over the holiday weekend.


Twenty-five Ways to Suppress the Truth:
The Rules of Disinformation
| by H. Michael Sweeney

(includes as a special bonus, The 8 Traits of the Disinformationalist)

Doublespeak is language deliberately constructed to disguise or distort its actual meaning, often resulting in a "communication bypass". Such language is associated with governmental, military, and corporate institutions. Doublespeak may be in the form of bald euphemisms ("downsizing" for "firing of many employees") or deliberately ambiguous phrases ("wet work" for "assassination"). Doublespeak is distinguished from other euphemisms through its deliberate usage by governmental, military, or corporate institutions.


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